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8 Habits to becoming a Strong/Resilient/Successful Athlete

Ask yourself honestly, are your habits helping you succeed?

Have a read below of what I believe to be 8 key habits that strong, resilient and successful athletes always show...

  1. They can accept they are not going to perform to their greatest expectations or at their highest level every single time they compete. They still compete to the best of their ability on the day, showing a great attitude and congratulate those that perform better on the day.

  2. They understand that success isn't in a one off win or occasional brilliant moment. They know that consistent performances at a high level over a long period of time is success.

  3. Regardless of how bad of a day they're having, they're bolstered by self belief. When they're performing at a sub par level, they don't abandon hope of winning or slack in their effort but instead, try to find a way to win.

  4. They focus on their journey, and don't compare there own to anybody else's. They put their effort on the process that they're going through and their daily routines.

  5. Solution finders, not excuse makers! They rise above obstacles. They are resilient and resourceful when they face adversity and find solutions!

  6. They control the controllable! They are not derailed by factors outside of their control.

  7. Winning doesn't always have to be perfect. They don't give it just because they're having a bad day, they're willing to win ugly.

  8. They are best self reflectors but are also the most proactive once they have reflected and actioning it.

"The biggest barrier to our own success is often ourselves"

Thanks for reading, would love to hear your thoughts.


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