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Coaching Background

For over 15 years, I have been working in sports & lifestyle coaching. Previous roles have included football coaching all over the world, Person Training, GP Exercise Referral Instructing and being a Strength & Conditioning Coach for a former Premier League Football Club. Following all of that, I then spent time in the UAE working full-time as a triathlon coach for two companies. For four years, I was the Head Coach of a Junior Triathlon Academy & then two years were spent working as an endurance coach which included working with UAE-based and athletes from all over the world. 

Since being involved in endurance coaching, I have worked with a wide range of athletes. I've coached adult first-timers to their first super sprint all the way up to Ironman Distance. I've helped age groupers to new personal bests as well as guided many to age group podiums. These have led to athletes qualifying for their National Team as well as Ironman & 70.3 World Championships.

I have also coached a large number of junior athletes too. In my time at the Junior Academy, I worked at, it peaked with 75 athletes. We had a number of athletes who then went on to attend National & World Championships. Since then, a number of athletes have achieved national titles, University Sports Scholarships, racing Junior ETU/ITU events & winning AG World Championships!


The Way I Coach

INDIVIDUALISATION: There isn't a one size fits all, your plan from me is personal to you!

BEING SUCCESSFUL IN LIFE MEANS SUCCESS IN SPORTS: Ensuring we have the balance right in your life, means not only will you thrive at the event you're training for, but also in work, family and life. More training isn't always better!

PHYSIOLOGICAL APPROACH: Identifying your unique physiology via fata will ensure you're constantly getting challenged and stressed appropriately via your training program

LONG-TERM ATHLETE DEVELOPMENT: To be the best version of yourself, it will take time. I'll be honest, I'm not the athlete for you if you're chasing instant success. Overnight successes don't exist... Being patient and consistent will see you overlap with those who take a short-term approach and stay ahead of them as a result!

BEING MORE THAN A COACH: My coaching goes beyond just making a p[lan and giving feedback. I have a genuine care for all of my athletes as I know sports performance goes beyond just training. 

My Philosophy 

I believe that an athlete's ability is only limited by themselves. So as a coach, I care about all my athletes and help to make them mentally strong and determined to try and be the best version of themselves in all areas of their life. 

  • British Triathlon Level 2

  • Ironman University Certified Coach

  • CYQ Personal Trainer Level 3

  • CYQ Nutrition For Weight Management & Physical Activity

  • ASA Swim Teacher Level 1


My remote 1:1 coaching is delivered via the app Training Peaks on a weekly basis with constant feedback and analysis. I specialise in getting athletes ready for the following events:

  • Triathlon - All distances

  • Running - 5km to Marathon

  • Cycling - Road Racing, Multistage events & Time Trialling

Personal Coaching Plans


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